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Monday, February 06, 2006

Are you kidding...

I have to get this one off my chest real quick... I have the worst luck with coffee mugs. I was at Ellwood's the other day picking up some bison meat for chili (super-bowl chili). I passed by the coffee section and saw that they had a very basic, stainless steal travel mug. I figured, since my Brugo mug was useless (see review) I'd pick this one up. This morning I filled it with my freshly brewed coffee and was on my way... no sooner had I sat in the car than I realized that the lid leaked (both our of the spout and around the base)... the kicker was in the parking lot when I accidentally dropped the mug and the lid popped off spilling all my beautiful coffee on the gravel... needless to say, that mug is now in the garbage...



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