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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Governor Drinks Decaf... hmmmm...

So, I don't know what this says about his leadership skills, but I have first hand knowledge that the governor of the great commonwealth of VA drinks his coffee decaf. How do I know this you ask? Well, about a week ago I decided to redeem a Dunkin Doughnut gift certificate I received for Christmas. Before entering the building I noticed four 'suits' get out of a white suburban and enter before me. As I walked in I had that,"hmmmm this seems odd" feeling. One of the guys certainly had the 'scoping the room for snipers' look about him. Then, at the counter I hear "decaf coffee and whatever these guys want, I'm payin." As he turns I look at him and have that "I think I know who you are but I'm not going to say anything just in case I am wrong" feeling. On my way out I see several people walk up and shake his hand... at that moment I realize, yup, that's governor Kaine.

So, as I revisit the moment, here are my thoughts on the whole encounter. 1) He picked up the tab for his fella's... that's pretty cool (unless he's just going to take the receipt back to the accounting department and make it a business expense)... 2) he ordered decaf. I don't know about that... I mean, my grandmother drinks decaf... take it like a man! strait up regular, no cream, no sugar! 3) he was riding in a white suburban (tinted windows and all)... how cliche. 4) I had a glazed sour cream doughnut that morning... it was good. 5) I really wish I had something worth saying to him... unfortunatly, I did not, and my chance to change the world or be mentioned in his Democrat Response speech passed by... I can hear it now... "and while I was in Dunkin Doughnuts the other day a wise young man said..." Oh well...

Friends... drink it black (but not in a brugo... see post below)

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Blogger Luke John Paul Barrett said...

true that, chief. i've been going w/o (cream & suger) for the last few months & i feel better about myself, like i've got purpose. yeah, it was nice for kaine to represent - there was some pride about him being up there - but i thought his speach was a little wobbly. you should have offered him a high-five at the shop. and a down-low-too-slow.

10:28 AM  

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