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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the Brugo saga continues...

While I still stand by my review of the Brugo coffee mug (here) I wanted to let you read the reply that was posted on my blog by the inventor of the Brugo. I appreciate his honesty (and the fact that he stopped by the crockpot in the first place). So, in honor of his efforts and his public relations prowess, here is his post:


At 4:18 PM, said...
Hello All, Well its been a long couple of months . Let me tell you. I am the inventor of Brugo. I have been paying close attention to all the comments, good and bad. Your both right!!! A few years back I set out to make a coffee mug that addressed every problem that a coffee drinker faces in his daily travels. I came up with the PTZ( Perfect Temperature Zone) concept. By separating 1.5 oz's of coffee from the main content, it would cool your coffee one sip at a time. This would take the wait off the front end, keeping your coffee hotter for the life of the cup. I also wanted to make a fashion statement with my mug. On Sept 1,2005, I had the first working prototype, By Nov 1 I had made 1200 to test and do some focus groups. Somehow, Without asking for it,A mug made it to "Mens Health Magazine". They put it in their December Tech Guide Issue as a "Top 100 Product" for 2006. One week later, "Good Morning America". Holy Cow!!!!!! What do I do now?? Within a week, Running my company by myself, 15000 mugs were sold. Scrambling to figure out what to do.I did the best I could. I ordered mugs to fill orders and had them airfreighted in at a loss. I am not looking for sympathy. I feel that Brugo customers deserve an explanation.The mugs that were rushed in, although good, could have been better.Customer service at the time was no where near what it needed to be. We stand behind our product and are continuously improving PTZ technology. To anyone who has had problem, I do apologize and would like to make it up somehow,please call me or Email me. 1-877-brugo-go. Keep on posting your thoughts, It makes us work harder at getting better. Sincerely, Spero Pavlos President JolexUsa Posted by: Spero at February 17, 2006 08:32 PM Post a comment



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