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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bru... oh forget it...

As the faithful readers know, I have been quite vocal about my dislike of my new coffee travel mug from Brugo. For those who are interested, I simply wanted to share another trial it presented me...

This morning, as I poured my coffee in the mug (yes I use it still... mainly because I lost my good mug and the replacement was crappy)... so I poured my coffee and started to tighten the lid... the only problem was the lid kept spinning. It took a moment before I realized that the lid was not spinning, instead the metalic rim was spinning due to the fact that the glue that holds it on lost its glue-y-ness. I just had to laugh at that point... the mug I thought couldn't get worse, actually got worse. So, I am officially starting my quest today to find a new mug... so all you coffee drinkers out there, if you have the bomb-digity travel mug, let me know cause I'm in the market...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on that piece about the education system in America (spurred by an NPR piece on Darwin vs. ID debate), it sounds like it will be good!


10:34 AM  

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